Graham Staines movie

A movie has been released about the life and death of missionary Graham Staines. This is what his daughter wrote:

For those that don’t know, my Dad and two brothers were martyred in India 20 years ago while my family were missionaries there. Dad had been there for 34 years, my parents met and lived their entire married life there and all three of us children were born there in India. Mum and I chose to forgive those responsible for their murders, something only possible because of the love and forgiveness we have experienced from God through Jesus.

There has been a movie made about the story surrounding those events called “The Least of These: the Graham Staines story”.

I went to the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday night to see it at the preview there and though emotional, enjoyed watching it. It is being released in Event cinemas around Australia on May 16th and I heartily recommend people go and see it.

Contact us if you’d like to join a group to see the movie at Springfield Orion.

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