Join us at 9.30am every Sunday. We’d love to meet you.

What to expect

If you come along on a Sunday morning, our meeting may be different to what you have experienced before. So you know what is going on, here’s an overview. This is the common format but we are flexible.


There will be an MC at the front to start the meeting. He will have prepared something, usually including songs and Bible readings. There is a variety depending on what the MC wants to do.


Also called the open time or middle part. Any of the men are welcome to make a contribution from the floor. See this blog post for more information. This section usually finishes with Breaking of Bread (communion). If you are a believer you are welcome to join in the breaking of bread. If not, or you are not sure, just pass the bread/cups to the next person. You can take a cup, drink it straight away then put the cup back on the tray. There is no MC for this section of the meeting.


After the open time there is usually a song, announcements then the main speaker, who may speak for 20-40 minutes.


After the formal meeting is finished please stay for morning tea and make some new friends.