Graham Staines movie

A movie has been released about the life and death of missionary Graham Staines. This is what his daughter wrote: For those that don’t know, my Dad and two brothers were martyred in India 20 years ago while my family were missionaries there. Dad had been there for 34 years, my parents met and livedContinue reading

Worship in the New Testament

The New Testament has three words that are translated “worship” in our English Bibles. These greek words are: proskeneo – meaning prostrate sebomai – meaning revere, adore, pay homage latreia – meaning serve, obey These words are sometimes translated worship and sometimes are translated to other words, depending on the Bible version. Examples of theirContinue reading

Question Time

4pm, Third Sunday of the month. Third Sunday night each month we have what we call Question Time. Got questions from the Bible? Ask them here and explore the Bible together. Followed by dinner together.